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Web Analytics

Our Web Analytics solution has been designed to help drive your performance in real time on social networks, applications, Intranet and the web etc. The solution offers all of the features which are essential to carrying out an advanced analysis of your audience as standard, by integrating specific business modules: e-Commerce monitoring, multichannel campaign analysis, performance monitoring, video tracking etc.

Thanks to a solution which is easy and quick to implement, our complete and flexible platform will allow you to measure, structure, cross and segment online data providing you with the agility that is necessary for extracting decision-making information that is essential to your company’s competitiveness.

Key benefits

  • Develop an effective online strategy based on reliable and credible information with extra added value.
  • Generate more traffic and sales from all online marketing tools: adverts, affiliation, email campaigns, social networks etc.
  • Monitor marketing investments to adapt budgets and optimise ROI
  • Improve productivity by focusing on decision-making analyses rather than implementation or web analytics reporting.
  • Use an open solution, connected to the web marketing ecosystem to integrate data into your company’s IS.
  • Optimise user experience by monitoring the performance and availability of your site, tools which are directly integrated into your web analytics solution.
  • Structure and organise data thanks to a flexible, powerful and intuitive analytics reporting tool.
  • Speed up and simplify the implementation phase with the simplified tagging method known as “Soft Tagging”.
  • Become increasingly proficient in using our web analytics solution by benefiting from on-demand professional services.